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Rita TSUI, President

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Asia HR Woman Club

Asia HR Woman Club (AHWC) is a prominent international organization dedicated to empowering female HR managers in Asia and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within their organizations. AHWC actively encourages its members to contribute to DEI efforts by organizing training workshops, promoting DEI initiatives internally, and engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. As part of its commitment to DEI, AHWC conducts monthly webinars focusing on various aspects of diversity and inclusion. These webinars serve as valuable resources for organizations seeking to enhance their understanding and implementation of DEI practices. If any organizations require support in fostering a culture of DEI within their own workplaces, AHWC is ready and eager to assist. Whether it involves providing guidance, sharing best practices, or offering tailored solutions, AHWC is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their DEI goals. By actively collaborating with AHWC, female HR managers in Asia can play a vital role in driving positive change and creating inclusive work environments that celebrate diversity and empower all employees.

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