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Veronica Li, Manager, Corporate Training and Engagement


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CareER Association

CareER is a registered charity in Hong Kong that supports highly educated people with disabilities as a charitable job-matching platform and peer support student/alumni union in Hong Kong since 2014. CareER bridges aspiring inclusive employers with higher-educated people with disabilities while advocating for disability-friendly employment. 

To accompany our inclusive employers in their disability inclusion journey, a comprehensive framework is developed to support corporates in their disability inclusion strategies, including but not limited to corporate training, the CareER Disability Inclusion Index, inclusive recruitment service, and citizenship opportunities.

Ideas for collaboration

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When we could work together

All year around!

Gardening Shed


How we can work together

Community & Association, NGO & Charity, Speaker, Training, Consulting

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Who we work for

PwD (People with Disability), Neurodivergent

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