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Offerings - The 3 Cs

I offer full-cycle services, so no matter where you are in your DEI journey, I am there with you.

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​Emery delivered a message of “I’m just like you” which was elegant and informative. 

Having a local speaker with international experience like Emery really meant he was able to connect with the audience and deliver an impactful message by sharing his story.
Following the event, we received great feedback, and it opened up the BRG to host many more events in 2023. I highly recommend engaging Awkward Conversations to support your organization’s I&D goals. 

Amy Mason, PVH 

Director, Strategy, Data & Analytics,

Co-Chair, LGBTQIA+ Alliance Business Resource Group (APAC & Africa)


Look - conversations about bias, discrimination, favouritism, and prejudice will always be awkward.

So, I use Powerful Lived Experiences to steer the awkward conversations that are much needed in the workplace.

Swipe for keynote themes 


Every business has its own challenges and nuances, so I tailor my approach to meet your unique needs.

I strive to meet you where you are.

Communities (coming soon...)

Inclusivity is at the heart of my work, and I believe that building a platform that embraces diverse communities is crucial.


I aim to connect NGOs and charities with businesses to foster a more equitable society

Let's have an Awkward Conversation!

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(The future of work will be awkward, but we are there with you.)

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